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A New Wave of COVID: What You Can Expect and What You Should Know

Posted by Boomerang Team on May 21, 2022

With spring coming to an end and summer fast approaching, the rise of another COVID-19 wave is on the minds of many as we slowly reach the end of yet another year in the wake of a pandemic.  Fortunately, we are here to help you understand what you need to know and how you can safely prepare for the months to come!

How is the Government approaching this new wave?

Unfortunately, the United States health administration is projecting a significant wave of coronavirus infections driven by new omicron subvariants.  As a result, there has been a push for lawmakers to fund the necessary vaccines and tests our nation will need in the coming months.  

This may not come as much of a surprise when looking back at the past few years within the pandemic but this wave will be slightly different considering the much more relaxed behaviors and loosened restrictions happening recently.  Although there will be a push for more funding, White House officials have shown their concern for their nation's supply of antivirals and tests.

In short, be prepared for more longer lines at your local testing locations if you don’t take action to prepare for the rise in cases.

What are the possible new variants on the rise?

The omicron variant is still playing a significant role in the new cases emerging, and in the past few months, new subvariants of the virus have been detected in a recent surge in South Africa.  Mainly the BA.2 variant has accounted for the majority of infections as well as a few other notable strains: BA.2.12.1, BA.4, and BA.5.  The predicted surge in cases would mirror the similar upticks we experienced in 2020 and 2021.

But what are these subvariants and how are they different?  Unfortunately, many of omicron’s subvariants have shown to be even more transmissible and contagious than the original strain and there may be more mutations of omicron as the month's pass—although these are hard if not impossible to predict.  The World Health Organization is keeping an eye on any mutations that may occur.

The symptoms caused by BA.2 include headache, sore throat, and body aches much like the original strain we are all incredibly familiar with.  Thankfully, unlike the old strains, having shortness of breath and loss of taste and smell will no longer be associated with these new strains.

So why is it important to get tested?  As we saw last year with the wave of cases towards the end of the year with the delta variant, many cases began to pick up furing the summer and spiked as holidays rolled around...  Now more than ever it seems incredibly important to keep our family members safe and ensure we get tested prior to seeing our loved ones in order to do our part in minimizing the spread.

Especially considering the fact that the new symptoms mirror a common cold, we should try to be mindful and keep a few tests conveniently stored aside for a rainy day–and why not also try and avoid the crowds of people who may try to get last-minute tests as they hop on their planes and head off on vacation this summer!

How can we ready ourselves for this upcoming wave?

As the months go by, and the rising demand for tests and vaccines persists, supply shortages may be a realistic view of our future within this pandemic.  Keeping a few tests on hand may be the difference between standing in a long line in order to ensure you do or don’t have COVID-19—or staying at home and taking a test in the comfort of your own space, knowing you’re doing your part to slow the spread.  

Nobody wants to miss out on vacations and holidays surrounded by family members, so why not keep yourself and your loved ones protected?

Boomerang offers a range of tests including COVID-19 RT-PCR and COVID-19 Antigen Tests which can be stored for future use and do not have to be used immediately.  These affordable tests allow you to keep them at home for yourself or for anyone else in your circle!  

Ultimately, whether or not the upcoming surge inCOVID-19 cases is as bad as the government predicts, it seems within reason to prioritize the health and safety of the people around us.  Being prepared and having a test stored away is not only easy but will also help set your mind at ease.
If you're interested in seeing your options for at-home testing kits for all your future needs, you can view all of our testing kits here through Boomerang.

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