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How at-home testing is revolutionizing healthcare

Posted by Boomerang Team on April 18, 2022

After being stuck at home so much over the past few years, you’d think we’d all jump at any chance to leave the house. But certain tasks can still feel like a chore—including going to the doctor. Luckily, innovations in at-home medical testing are helping us all take our healthcare into our own hands, making visits to the doctor less stressful and more productive. 


Today, we’re digging into why you should consider at-home testing—and exploring where the at-home medical testing industry is going next. 

Why should I choose at-home medical testing?

Honestly, the list goes on and on—but these are three of the top reasons why people turn to Boomerang’s at-home medical test kits:

  • You get to enjoy a level of privacy and comfort that not even the doctor’s office can provide. 

Testing for things like food sensitivities, UTIs, or STDs shouldn’t be stigmatized—but that doesn’t keep us all from getting a little shy when the time comes to ask our doctors for the tests we need. So if shyness or shame has been keeping you from getting valuable information about your health and wellness, we’d strongly recommend you consider at-home testing.

  • You can get peace of mind, quickly and easily. 

If you’ve ever tried to dig in with your doctor on topics like hormone levels or fertility issues, you know it can be tough—and expensive—to get certain diagnostic tests approved by your medical team and/or insurance provider. But at-home testing doesn’t have any of those barriers to entry. We’re not going to ask you for your symptoms, or charge you more money just for being curious. When it comes to your health, Boomerang respects your intuition, and we want to make it as affordable and easy as possible for you to get the results you’re looking for.

  • You get to be proactive about your health. 

When you take matters into your own hands and take an at-home test, you can come to your doctor or healthcare provider with your results, and work together with them to plan your path forward to longevity. In addition, here at Boomerang, we’ll provide you with recommendations for lifestyle changes that you can start making immediately, based on your unique test results.


Sounds great…but is at-home medical testing really reliable?

Whether you’re getting rapid results right at home for something like a COVID antigen test, or you’re sending a sample to a lab for a more detailed analysis, today’s processes for at-home testing have been finely tuned. 


At-home medical testing has recently come into the spotlight with the popularity of at-home COVID tests, but these kinds of tests have been commonly used for years! (Think: pregnancy tests, glucose monitors, etc.) 


The technology behind these tests is the same whether you take them at home, or if you take them in a doctor’s office—so really, the only new variable with an at-home test is you. As long as you follow the directions for collecting your sample, you can trust that the lab will work its magic to get you your results.


Speaking of which, here at Boomerang, all of our labs are CLIA-certified—which means they meet or exceed federal precision, accuracy, and validity standards. They also must obtain state licensure, and submit themselves to regular inspections and independent third-party performance verifications. With that level of oversight, you can feel secure in knowing that you’re getting the most accurate results possible. 


Where’s the at-home testing industry going next?

Picture this: What if test results weren’t the end of your journey to better health—but just the beginning? What if by taking an at-home test, you could unlock access to everything that contributes to your overall picture of health? That’s the future that we envision here at Boomerang. 


We don’t want your at-home test to feel like a one-off experiment. And we don’t want your test results to just be another input in a sea of health and wellness information. We want to actually give you the information and tools you need to reach your best version of wellness—and your test results and personalized health advice are just the first step on that journey. 


When you take a test with Boomerang, you’ll join a community where your results can unlock access to exactly what you need to reach your wellness goals—whether that means finding a life coach, working with a dietitian, ordering healthy meal kits directly to your home, or shopping for exclusive fitness gear.We know health and wellness is an everyday practice, not an end state, and we want to be there supporting you every step of the way. 


The good news is, our vision for the future of healthcare is attainable for everyone—and it all starts by simply ordering an at-home test from Boomerang. Whether you want to check up on your general health and wellness, or you want to dig into a specific question you have about your health, your test results will help get you closer to your best version of you.

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